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R.J. Dupre Column: Perseverance will get you further

From time to time, I get the need to prove to myself that I can fix things. Hey, I am entitled to delusional thinking once in a while! So on a fine day I decided to fix a broken wooden picture frame and a mirror. I bought a very strong glue to make the repair work. After all, sticking two pieces of any material together does not require a great deal of mental skill. I quickly read the instructions and concentrated on the key words, like "Dampen surface," "apply glue."

Well, I sprayed water generously, added the glue, and put heavy weight objects on top of it all.

Hmmm...I'll wait and see what happens. I had my doubts as to the success of my repairs.

As you may have guessed, I am not technically or mechanically inclined and even less gifted to say the least. I do not have the patience and always think that with a little creativity, and some luck, I will assemble any items I purchase. Although the manufacturers of such products furnish written instructions with diagrams, it does not seem to help yours truly. My problem is that the list of directions looks like a short novel and the drawings baffle my wee little mind.

Through the years, the results of my unwillingness to follow those helpful hints have resulted in some bizarre looking assembling.

You know that something is not quite right when you end up with more screws than holes, or the object does not stand up straight or you can't find the switch to start it. Instead of staying calm and carefully look at what is in front of me, I get frustrated, voice a few chosen words and finally walk away feeling silly and embarrassed. Then the voice of common sense echoes in my mind.

"Gasp, RJ. Maybe you should read the instructions."

I take a deep breath, return to the project and start from scratch. But, I have a quicker way to take care of this dilemma. I just ask someone else to take over the situation.

All this proves to me that I need to work harder on my patience and not be so concerned by the fear of failure. Perseverance will certainly get me farther than giving up. Or maybe I should leave this kind of projects to the experts.