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Letter: LP-A board -- no means no

A survey was sent out to Lake Park-Audubon School District residents in reference to an issue that is being considered (a new school building bond referendum). The LP-A School Board and superintendent still cannot get it right. By only putting forth the two options they will accept, they have eliminated all other available options.

This feels like a very manipulative survey presenting only two options, and one of those options must be accepted by the voters.

What don't they understand about no to both of their proposals? Four times the voters have said what they want, and four times they have not listened and plodded on with a failed agenda.

The board and superintendent are asking for a gauge on community opinion in this survey. The last four referendums did just that and they still don't accept it. The survey did not list all the alternatives, let alone a best alternative. Once again the taxpayer is being disrespected and ignored. -- Bill Hudson, Audubon