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Letter: 'Youth of today' brightened reader's outlook

We've all been included in various discussions with our peers about the demise of the "youth of today." They have no work ethic, parents indulge them, and the future of our culture is doomed. I'm happy to share a story that begs to differ!

Two weeks ago, I was having a rummage sale at my mom's house here in Detroit Lakes. It was a nice day, a little on the warm side, but a good day for a sale. A pretty uneventful morning until a young man, I'm guessing 12 or 13, stopped by eyeing up a remote-control car kit that my son had on the sale. It was spendy, with a price tag of $40. The boy shared his dilemma: he had only $12.

He looked around my mom's yard and said, "I could mow your lawn for you," but I told him that my nephew already had that job. He asked how long we'd be open and said he'd try to get back before we closed. Not more than 10 minutes later, we saw him driving his bike past the house -- towing a small trailer and a lawn mower. He parked his bike across the street and walked up to the neighbor's house and knocked, but nobody answered. He got back on his bike and continued on his way.

I'm guessing he found a couple of takers because before the end of the day he returned to our sale with a pocket full of cash and sweat on his brow. He checked to be sure the car kit was still there and then came to the table to count out his money -- it was a little soggy and crumpled, but he had a total of $31 to show for his efforts. That was close enough, and we cut him a deal! This bright young man brightened my day and my outlook, and I hope his story does the same for you! -- Coleen Voeltz, Detroit Lakes