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Letter: DL Fire Department serves community well

There was a fire half a block from my place. It was essentially in a free standing garage adjacent to a house on Elizabeth Street.

I saw the flames shooting 30 feet into the air, lighting the neighborhood. I thought that the house and the one adjacent would be lost. But the volunteer fire department of Detroit Lakes, arrived in a prompt time, and the two rigs carried firemen who went to work in a competent and efficient manner.

In a matter of minutes they had the blaze contained; the fire was out and reduced to smoldering ashes. These volunteers have been trained by Chief Jeff Swanson and his deputies, with revolving crews volunteering and serving with competence. Then they retire and are replaced by a new cadre, and these are trained.

A capital idea, which shows that their training and dedication is paying off. The house and the one adjacent were saved and I thought that at least one was going to go! Both suffered some damage, however.

The big rigs had to weave their way up the narrow street, clogged somewhat by cars that had just arrived to have a look.

I could have just discussed this with my neighbors, agreeing among ourselves that the DL Fire Department served us well, but I wanted to get into the public print my thanks and appreciation for these men doing a good job. -- Bernie Revering, Detroit Lakes