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Letter: DL shouldn't remove fences from holding ponds

I am writing regarding the recent city decision to remove fences surrounding holding ponds in the city of Detroit Lakes.

I feel that the decision to remove the fences simply because they were dilapidated or not aesthetically pleasing is wrong. In June of 2007 a 5-year-old girl from Blaine wandered off from her home and in a matter of seconds had drowned in a holding pond just 600 feet from her home. Her parents had warned her numerous times but a child's curiosity got the best of her and that is all it took. I have a feeling those parents wouldn't have cared what the fence looked like in that situation; it would have saved her life. This is just one instance in our area recently and there are more.

You can warn children all you want, but their curiosity can always get the best of them. Flowers and grassland around the pond is almost more of an invite to children to go and pick pretty flowers for Mom or Grandma. I hope that those who made this decision thought about the consequence of a child's life when they made their decision to take these fences down. I hope that they at least install warning signs. A concerned mother. -- Sheila Shoon, Detroit Lakes