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Letter: DL needs to get rid of beach weeds

I recently traveled "home" to Detroit Lakes for a family reunion and to enjoy the Northwest Water Carnival for the first time in several years. I brought my wife, mother-in-law, and two young daughters, as they had never experienced the NWC. It was the first trip to D.L. for my mother-in-law, and she had a wonderful time.

I would like to say the D.L. Jaycees once again did an outstanding job representing the city with the excellent event they put on. Detroit Lakes can be very proud of the young leaders they have that put on such a fine event.

I have only one concern from my trip. Please tell me city leaders are doing something about Little Detroit Lake. What an eyesore. I don't know whose idea it was to quit cutting the weeds every year, but it was a big mistake. Even the marked off swimming areas on the beach were full of weeds. Who wants to swim in that? I do not believe that is the image D.L. wants its tourists leaving town with, so please do something about this problem, city leaders.

I love Detroit Lakes, the rest of the city looked great, construction is a hassle but the new highway will be well worth the wait. Keep up the good work Detroit Lakes, I can't wait to come home again, it gets harder to leave each time I come back. -- Bryan Boyer, White House, Tenn.