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Letter: Thanks to Fire Department, community for fire support

Our appreciation and gratefulness to the outstanding fire department with their trained skills, honor, and duty to everyone in this great community of Detroit Lakes. We are as well thankful for our neighbors, friends, family, and Church for the gifts of meals, help, support, in concern and compassion. We were gifted beyond measure. Emotions are overwhelming when fire comes to destroy. The task is enormous in sorting, cleaning, picture taking, and trying to pull from memory what's left and what isn't; from storing and accumulating 36 years of garage and storage shed belongings.

Our hearts have been touched deeply by the love in your hearts as you minister to us. We are incredibly blessed. One woman stands out especially. She drove up, got out of her car and stated, "I am going to help you." What an affirming statement. The next day her son and four or more of his buddies showed up and worked joyfully. Her son even offered to come back anytime if we needed more help.

I believe God appoints "earth angels" and He did just that. I had several nights where sleep didn't happen, then one night God's inner voice in His spirit within me, said: "It's OK Jan, let me take care of all the details in this situation. I care for you all the time. I will give you strength for tomorrow." He did! -- Jan & Brian Johnson, Detroit Lakes