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Tribune Editorial: DL's Education Foundation great place to donate

If you're looking for a good place to endow money, or just to make a donation that you know is much-needed and will be used wisely, a safe bet is the newly established Detroit Lakes Public Education Foundation.

The foundation was the brainchild of longtime school district business manager Dick Lundeen, who oversaw the school district's finances for nearly 30 years.

Others on the foundation board are Deb Wimmer, Madalyn Sukke, G.L. Tucker, Vern Schnathorst and Glenn Gifford.

They have already raised more than half of their initial $250,000 goal. When fully funded, interest from the pool of money will make a significant difference in the academic excellence of the Detroit Lakes School District.

The money could be used for all manner of things -- a gifted program, art education, reading recovery, technology enhancements, foreign languages, equipment and supplies, student wellness, student organizations, after-school programs, and math and reading tutors, for example.

"In today's trying times, relying on state and federal financing for public school districts is becoming an inadequate option," the foundation says in its statement of purpose.

"Many economists, school leaders, and school finance researchers are encouraging the establishment, growth and development of school foundations as a means of enhancing educational opportunities for children."

But organizers want the foundation to do more than just raise money. They are hoping it will improve communications between the district, the community, and school alumni.

They want to offer constructive opportunities for taxpayers to get involved with the school district through volunteer activities and events.

And they want to identify and make accessible a wide range of resources and funds that the district can use to improve educational opportunities for kids.

In short, the foundation's purpose is to make education better by strengthening the ties that draw a community together.

To donate cash or include the foundation in your estate planning, contact any of the board members. It will be one of the best investments in the community's future that you can make.