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Letter: LP-A needs new board members, less expensive alternatives

During June and July, the Cormorant Four, whose names appear at the end of this letter, initiated meetings with the Lake Park-Audubon Board members and superintendent.

Our purpose was to develop a common sense, responsible and reasonably-priced referendum that both sides could support.

We offered a number of high-quality and economical alternatives.

We even arranged for the board to meet with the No. 1 school builder in Minnesota, free of charge. But in the end, the board rejected even considering our proposals in favor of their four-times defeated, gold plated referendum in slightly different form.

The board's idea is that if they can first get their new high school built in Lake Park, then the voters will be forced to complete the total expensive package in Audubon later.

Please do not be deceived by what may appear to be a less costly referendum. It is the same old proposal, except this one will end up costing even more.

The board's proposal includes exactly the same new high school, and new football-field as before, constructed in Lake Park for $17 million.

Another $3 million will be spent to tear down part of the Audubon school complex and make some repairs. Superintendent Dale Hogie acknowledges that the board will have to ask taxpayers for millions more in the future.

In addition, the board will have to ask taxpayers to re-approve the existing operational levy next year.

It is clear that this LP-A School Board is not receptive to less-costly, common sense ideas. This will be the fifth time in a row the board has asked taxpayers to approve their outrageously-expensive referendum.

Three seats on the seven-member LP-A Board are up for election in November. Our nation's most respected authorities predict a world-wide recession and other serious, long-term economic consequences as a result of the recent national financial disaster.

We again respectfully ask the LP-A voters to vote no on the LP-A referendum, and to elect new members to the School Board in November who can be trusted to demand less expensive, innovative alternatives to the LP-A facilities problem. -- Dan Hughes, Roland Lampton, Jim Lund, Ellis Peterson, Cormorant