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Protect Minnesota waters

As Chair of the House Environment Finance Committee I had to cut water protection funds and land conservation programs to balance the state budget. Those dollars were used to pay for growing costs of schools, nursing homes, public safety, veterans support, etc.

No Legislator wants to increase taxes, but common sense says we need to be better stewards of our natural resources. We have an opportunity to do just that by passing the "Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment". "You the People" can raise the dedicated dollars to clean up our waters and protect open space for future generations.

With your support for the "Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment", and the protection of our State Constitution, the new 3/8ths of one percent sales tax increase could only be used to enhance our waters and the other dedicated purposes. This will cost the average Minnesota family less than $5 a month. That is a small price to pay for this worthwhile investment.

As Chief Author of the successful "Clean Water Legacy Act", I know that state water management polices are in place to manage and control the clean up and protection of Minnesota's waters. This amendment has strict accountability standards to make sure the funds are invested in our natural resources.

But good policy alone cannot do the job. It takes funding.

With your "Yes" vote, Minnesota can be securing adequate financial support to clean up and protect our precious waters and sustain our wonderful quality of life.

"Vote Yes" Minnesota! - Rep Dennis Ozment, R-District 37B