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Letter: 'Obsession' DVD' portrays Islam correctly

On Oct. 6, 2008, WDAY Channel 6 News ran a news report of two Muslim women who are upset about the message of a CD that was included in the Oct. 5 issue of the Sunday Fargo Forum entitled, "Obsession". The women said the video does not accurately depict their Muslim religion. I strongly disagree. All throughout the video, the narrator specifically and emphatically notes that radical Muslim extremists are just a small faction of Muslims and are not typical of most Muslims. He specifically mentions that most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who are as dismayed by the actions of the extremists as anyone. As a Christian, I am more than willing to live in peace and harmony with all peoples, including Muslims. However, I am not willing to sit by and watch this country be destroyed and my rights as a Christian and an American along with it.

In my opinion, the women jumped to conclusions that are simply not true then publicly voiced their grievances. That is, of course, their right. Unfortunately, their comments could be fodder for inciting further distrust and animosity within their own Muslim community between their religion/race/culture and the "typical" American people. It is time for each of us to put aside our ethnic, racial or religious differences and join forces to defend America. I am certainly not implying that all people must embrace any religion or culture other than their own...far from it. I am saying that all of our diverse communities must either work and fight together, as collective Americans, to remain a free and democratic America or we will fall.

The "Obsession" video is trying to educate the American people that Jihad (holy war) has come to America. Radical groups are no longer just in foreign countries but are now all over America holding public rallies and calling for "Death to America"!! Yes, they have a right to free speech. And I have a right not to stand by and watch them take over one person at a time. It is no longer going to be ok to just sit back and let the chips fall where they may...or to let someone else take care of the situation. We, the majority of Americans, have become complacent and fearful of speaking up when our rights or even national security is in jeopardy for fear of being labeled "politically incorrect". This could surely be our downfall.

Again, and this is just my opinion, if these two women and the people they represent are peaceful, law-abiding American citizens who cling to the ideals of a democratic America, they have no choice but to support the war on terror and terrorists. That includes accepting that the terrorists happen to be Muslim. It is the peace-loving Muslim's way of life that is being threatened as well as anyone's. Educating America as to who the terrorists are and how they operate is part of supporting the war on terror.

I absolutely do not hate these women for speaking their mind. In fact, I greatly admire them. It was their fearlessness to speak up that gave me the courage to write this letter. However, I do not agree with what these women are saying and implying.

The similarities between what is happening right now and what happened in Nazi Germany are too close to be discounted or ignored. I hope you have had an opportunity to watch the video and make your own determination as to the allegations of these women.

Thank you for allowing me to let off steam. I can no longer allow a small minority of people to have the last word on serious issues that also affect me and my family. And I can no longer refrain from speaking up for my beliefs and my rights. -- Sherry Blaine, Frazee, MN