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Letter: Who really are the big spenders?

I became eligible to vote in 1951. Since that time I have followed the elections very closely, and I have voted for both parties.

Over the years I have observed that one of the main issues of the Republican campaignes is to assert that the goal of he Democratic party is to raise taxes and spend your money. In this letter I will only cover the spending issue. I will cover the tax raising issue at a later time.

Spending facts of our present and past presidents (president, years in office, increase in spending): 

Ronald Regan, 8 years, 18.13 percent

George H.W. Bush, 4 years, 8.44 percent

William Clinton, 8 years, 5.25 percent

George W. Bush, 7 plus years, 47.41 percent (rising)

Republicans, 20 years in office, 73.98 percent increase and rising

Democrats, eight years in office, 5.25 percent increase

Please think with an open mind. Who are the big spenders? -- Gene Morris, Grottoes, Va.