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Editorial: Cheers to 10KLF donation for instruments

Cheers to the 10,000 Lakes Festival for its donation of $5,000 to buy new instruments for the Detroit Lakes Public Schools band program.

The money will be used as the district sees fit to buy instruments where they are most needed, for students in elementary through high school.

Since its inception, the 10,000 Lakes Festival has played host to innovative music of all kinds, and it makes the annual donation out of the belief that students of all ages should have quality instruments on which to learn and perform.

Last year's donation from 10KLF was used by the Detroit Lakes High School program to purchase a set of Yamaha custom stage drums, with a variety of top quality cymbals.

The elementary school program used the money last year to buy two bass drums and a Bach euphonium. A student flute and clarinet were also on the list of instruments to be purchased with 10KLF funds.

This is exactly the kind of donation that helps kids the most -- money that can be used to buy equipment that the district might not otherwise be able to afford in these tight budget times.

And it wasn't just the 10,000 Lakes Festival that chipped in to help band students.

Both last year and this year, the festival teamed up with the Rex Foundation and Everyone Orchestra to raise additional money from the festival audience. Those efforts brought in several thousand dollars more.

Founded by members of the legendary Grateful Dead rock band, the Rex Foundation has a long tradition of supporting musical education in diverse communities.

The Everyone Orchestra is a fluid ensemble that is comprised of members of various bands performing at 10KLF each year.

It's not just band teachers that know how to play every instrument. The improvisory nature of the Everyone Orchestra demands a high level of artistry and technical skills -- a testament to their musical education.

Band instruments are expensive, times are tough, and the Detroit Lakes School District has a history of musical excellence. Add them all up, and donations such as those from 10KLF can make a big difference in the education of young people.