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Letter: 'Spenders' letter showed poor editorial judgment

A letter appeared in Sunday's Detroit Lakes Tribune that is editorially a poor sign of the judgment of the editor of that newspaper. "Who really are the big spenders?," a letter by Gene Morris of Grottoes, Va.

Mr. Morris alludes to the "spending increases" that occurred during the terms of presidents since Ronald Reagan's years, up to and including the current presidents.

His summation is that the Republican presidents have had a 73.98 percent spending increase during their terms in office while the Democratic President, Bill Clinton, only had a 5.25 percent increase during his terms. If the editor of the Detroit Lakes Tribune had closely read the letter, he should have noticed that the entire supposition is incorrect, since it is not the president that spends the money, it is the House of Representatives.

Knowing that minor detail would then cause one to look at which political party was in power during the spending increase years attributable to the Republican presidents and to the Democratic president, and he would have seen that the actual reverse was the truth.

During the Clinton era, the House was controlled by the Republicans, and hence the lower percentage of increase would be because of conservative policies of the Republican controlled House, not the president. During the other era of spending increases, the Democrats controlled the House, and hence the higher spending percentages are attributable to the Democrats. Sad editorial judgment there.

-- David J. Woodward, Detroit Lakes