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Letter: Vote Tim Tingelstad for MN Supreme Court

Tim Tingelstad finds common ground with both Democrats and Republicans, largely due to the active movement to take away yet another right of the great citizens of Minnesota; the right to vote for our judges. Tingelstad, a strong believer in our constitutional rights, stands with the constitution as it is was originally intended, that all judges should be elected through a non-partisan, contested election. Tingelstad's opponent disagrees; he wants a committee to appoint judges. I say, "Where there are committees, corruption soon follows." Abraham Lincoln once said, "The people are the master of both congress and courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it."

There is much wisdom in our constitution and both parties know this. That is why even though neither party has officially endorsed Tim, we can, as Republicans and Democrats. Let's send the sitting judge a message on November 4th that we take our right to vote for judges in Minnesota seriously. Vote Tim Tingelstad MN Supreme Court. -- Alan Erickson, Bemidji