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Letter: Proud to be a liberal Democrat

If you call me a "liberal" Democrat, I would like to point out a few things.

You say we should have less government.

That would be good and much more of a relevant argument if we could be back in simpler times.

Unfortunately, in recent times we are facing many issues which are very controversial and if left unregulated or unchecked could end up becoming a disastrous situation. A few examples of this would be:

• The FDA and melamine found in dog food and now in baby formula and certain chocolate originating in China.

• Cloning and its ethics. Some cloned animal products are already in our food chain and will not need to be labeled as such. What about ethics of human cloning?

• Genetic engineering. There are many products that are on the market for human consumption, before the adequate testing has been performed.

• Failing infrastructure. There are probably enough regulations on the books already for the failing components of our infrastructure to be flagged, if everyone involved did their job. However, the system does not appear to be working adequately. There are too many poor quality roads and bridges, inadequate power grids and fresh water and waste water systems.

• Decisions, which need to be made for the common good and not by individuals for personal gain. For example: with our energy crisis, there is a huge incentive to set up oil shale production in our western states. However, the production of oil with this method consumes a ratio of eight-gallons water to one-gallon oil. Our west has already had years of drought and water shortages, so this venture needs to be researched thoroughly.

You say you are for free trade.

The current political party says that we have some of the best workers in the world and we need to be competitive and encourage free trade.

• Fair trade is more difficult to regulate, however, it encourages higher standards for both countries involved. As an example: if we were to demand that imported produce not be grown with the same chemicals that are banned and considered to be hazardous in the U.S., it would give our farmers a better chance to be competitive. At the same time, this would decrease the foreign producers risk of exposure to these very same chemicals, because he would not want to risk getting caught using them.

• Restrictions on the use of child labor should be applied using the same principle.

You say Democrats are the tax and spend party.

• Our country is spending approximately eight to nine billion dollars per month in Iraq, not including what it would take to rebuild our military to the state it was prior to the war, and not including the money siphoned off of the ag-bill to subsidize the military families food source.

The ag bill funding for farm and crop subsidies is a low percentage compared to food or social programs it supports, yet this bill is typically considered pork barrel spending by the Republicans.

• Typically us citizens have to pay our bills and know that if we take out a loan, we will have to pay the principal as well as the interest on the loan eventually. Why is it that the current administration continues to want to pass on the bill to our future generations. Our current burden for each U.S. citizen is in excess of $33,000.

• How is it that the same party that complains about the social burdens on our society, and complains about how raising the minimum wage will stifle the economy, will support a minimal tax paying immigrant work force. Yet if the immigrants are in need of social services like emergency medical care, the rest of us taxpayers foot the bill.

• The Republicans say you will be taxed, but 95 percent of Americans would see a decrease in their taxes if Obama becomes president. I will ask you this, if you were asked to bet on which money has the greater chance of staying in a community if $1,000 was given to 1,000 people or $1 million was given to one person, which way would you bet?

You say you are afraid of terroristic threats.

• The current administration was warned about heightened concern for the possibility of terroristic threats by the previous administration.

• The current administration pulled us into a war with Iraq, even though we started with Afghanistan, and currently we are struggling on both fronts.

• Several months ago, our government was warned of ulterior motives from Russia in Georgia, before the invasion of Georgia by Russia. Russia controls the majority of Europe's oil.

• The current political party says it does not want to have direct talks with evil countries like North Korea, and Iran. Is it not better to understand your enemies and their motives?

You say you won't vote for a black person.

• I ask you, if you have to go to the hospital and need some blood in an emergency, will you decline the blood if it does not come from your ethnic origin?

You say you are pro life.

• I don't think abortion is right, I don't think the war in Iraq was right, I don't think that not getting involved in Darfur is right, along with the other places we have ignored when we should have gotten involved to prevent genocide. And I don't think it is right to create laws to do what we should be doing on our own.

I believe that one of the gifts that has been given to us is common sense. I also believe that my higher power would be displeased if I was to put common sense on the shelf.

I say the "G-O-P" party is the "Greed -- Oppression of the middle class -- and Propaganda to keep it that way, party."

If you call me a "liberal" Democrat, I will say that I am proud to be blessed liberally with common sense and will vote accordingly.

I say, it's time for change and it's time for common sense. -- Bernie Meyer, Rochert