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Letter: Vote Kohn for LP-A school board

Lake Park-Audubon voters have the opportunity to elect George Kohn to the LP-A School Board. He has shown responsibility to the community by attending school board meetings plus committee meetings for 10 years. He believes people who care about a community should be actively involved. He has asked questions of the board that have never been answered. He sees that the school board is afraid to face the public in an honest and open manner. He knows that we can find people within our district who are more knowledgeable than the board.

It is now time to replace three existing school board members. The board needs a new direction. The existing school board demonstrates little responsibility to us, the taxpayers who have said no four times. Only the boards' options are being put forward with a fifth vote in three years. They stubbornly refuse to look at other options. They seem to be a world unto themselves.

?Mr. Kohn is aware that the board does not know how to build a school and the board has trusted the architects implicitly. The LP-A school district has, at their disposal, the number one efficiency expert who knows how to build a "green" school which would take advantage of the newest technology. Minnesota is among the coldest places on the planet' petroleum prices will continue to escalate, yet no attention is being paid to building an energy-efficient school. It's scandalous and short-sighted that the school board refused to talk to this expert.

Mr. Kohn also understands that we need to keep our spending under control, especially now that the U.S. economy is in tremendous jeopardy. He understands fiscal responsibility and how to balance a budget. There is no candidate better suited to be a new board member than Mr. Kohn. It is time to vote for a change.