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Vote 'yes' Nov. 4 for Clean Water, Lands and Legacy Amendment

It is disheartening to read that Forum Communications management considers clean water, healthy lakes, and wildlife habitat to be nothing more to Minnesotans than "recreation and entertainment." Luckily, the Clean Water, Lands, and Legacy Amendment gives each of us the opportunity to step up to ballot box and send the message that we understand how important our waters, woods, and wildlife are. With the grim economic outlook, there is virtually no chance that the Legislature will suddenly begin funding these things at the level they need. We can make sure that the next generation of Minnesotans will enjoy drinkable water, edible fish, ducks in the sky, and all of the abundant natural resources that we have already begun to see slipping away. I am willing to spend an extra dollar per week to see this legacy preserved, and I am willing to amend the Constitution to reflect our core values. Join me in voting 'Yes' on Nov. 4. -- Donna Dustin, Detroit Lakes