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Liberal Democrats are pro abortion

In reply to the article entitled "Proud to be a Liberal Democrat" in the Becker County Record Oct. 22, I feel clarification needs to be stated.

First, the writer to the editor had nothing new to say. Obviously, this person was brain washed by mainstream liberal Democrat news media.

Secondly, the economy issues are very complex, and it is sophomoric or ignorant to point a finger at the current administration. I love this country, but let's face it, we Americans get a failing grade concerning the economy. We spend more money than we earn. We cannot say "no" to the credit card gods. It is as if the kettle were calling the pot black.

Thirdly, let's bring out the forefront an important issue that the liberal mainstream media and the liberal Democrats want to hide -- the issue of abortion. The majority of the American people do not agree with abortion on demand, but the liberal courts have imposed it on us taxpayers. The writer of the editorial "Proud to be a Liberal Democrat" continues by stating "I do not think abortion is right." His statement is an oxymoron or deceitful or at best, ignorant.

The liberal Democrat Party platform is crystal clear. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are pro-abortion in contrast to John McCain and Sarah Palin who are pro-life. Let me ask the question? Would you vote to deny care and protection to an infant that survived a botched abortion? Barack Obama did... four times. Obama has voted in favor of tax funding abortions. Obama did not vote for the Illinois Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act when it came before the Illinois state senate.

Let me remind you. A partial birth abortion procedure involves pulling the infant's feet first from the mother's womb except for the head, then using a device to puncture the infant's skull and suction out the infant's brain. Their bodies are discarded in a stainless steel container lined with a plastic bag. Sadly, the great majority of these abortions are preformed on healthy infants and healthy mothers. This is a most shocking, grotesque, and vulgar act. There may be unwanted pregnancies, but there are no unwanted babies.

Call yourself a liberal Democrat or liberal Republican or liberal Independent. It is time to wake up. You can pass laws to make abortions legal, but that does not mean it is right.

The economy will continue to rise and fall as it always has with every administration. Wars and rumors of wars will be the world view of every administration, but there is a crystal clear distinction between the two presidential candidates. John McCain and Sarah Palin are two heroes who will stand in the gap for millions of infants who cannot defend themselves... They will certainly have my vote on Nov. 4. -- Bob Cummings, Frazee