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LP-A can keep schools if they stay financially sound

I read a letter in the paper from Paul Stary, and saw that he endorsed me as a candidate for Lake Park-Audubon School Board. It's always nice to be endorsed by a resident, even though I don't know him. I?do feel I should write on behalf of myself.

I have been a long time resident of the district, and served the school as community education director, so I'm sure people know of me, even though I don't know them. I chose to run for the school board because I have worked at the school and I'm aware of many of the problems that confront the board. I feel that my experience can be useful on the board. I have served, both the no and yes voters, and I believe that I can work with both groups to bring about a solution. We all know that we need something done to improve our school facilities, but the community can't agree on the procedure. I believe that we need mediation to accomplish this.

The main thing that I would want people to know is that we can always keep our school, especially if we keep financially sound. That will be my main objective. We can stay in a budget and still provide our students with an excellent education.

In conclusion, I will dedicate my time to communicating with the residents and including them in the procedure. We need to work together to continue the excellence that LP-A has established. A school that recently was awarded a School of Excellence award from the state deserves to be appreciated and maintained. -- Carmen Walter, Audubon