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Letter: Central Market saved the day for Domino's Pizza

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Detroit Lakes Domino's Pizza. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that our walk-in cooler was running warmer than it should have. We called for repair but found that the part was going to take two days to get here. Oh no. Now what? With a cooler full of food that was going to go bad we had to find somewhere in town that would be able to help us out. The first place we called was Central Market. Without much hesitation, (they had to check for space) they said no problem, bring it on over. So we did.

Central Market saved the day for Domino's Pizza. For the next two days, we made several trips to Central Market to pick up what we needed. They were so kind and accommodating, even though they had to work around our food. I want to take this opportunity to thank Central Market for showing kindness toward us in our time of crisis. It is truly good to know our Detroit Lakes Central Market is willing to help another business when needed. Thank you Central Market. -- Clint Bogucki, manager of Domino's Pizza, Detroit Lakes