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Guest Editorial: Applause for our democratic election process

Now that the voting is over and the results are in, it's time to look back at our election process.

Voter turnout was high, and that's a great thing. Democracy and freedom mean very little if we're not willing to participate in them.

Seeing long lines at polls is both encouraging and worrisome. Of course, the high turnout is great news, but we can still do better by investing in more voting equipment and poll workers. Around here, we had plenty of workers and they did a great job. But in some larger precincts across our country, the wait was a matter of hours, and that's too long.

If we're going to spread democracy around the world, we need to demonstrate we're masters of it.

We should also be harsh to those who seek to throw a wrench in the system. Whether it's allegations of registering people who don't exist, or allowing non-citizens to vote, or the practice of voter suppression through intimidation or misinformation, it has to stop. We should make it a felony-level offense to interfere with the voting process. Let's take away the right to vote for those who would interfere with another's vote.

We should also point out this election season saw great participation from volunteers and the candidates themselves. For everyone who won and lost, to see the work put in by the candidates and volunteers was impressive and appreciated. Remember, the big "prize" at the end of an election for the winner is the responsibility for fixing our problems, which is never an easy or appreciated job.

For everyone who stands up and says they want to be part of that process, you deserve to enjoy this week, win or lose. -- Wadena Pioneer Journal