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Letter: LP-A school should be built between two towns

I was all for the new building when it was supposedly going to be built between Audubon and Lake Park (till I found out that it wasn't even an option after I voted yes; since then, I have been a no voter).

How much have we spent on consultants and designers?

I say build it half way in between, a new K-12 building. Give Audubon a chance too.

By building it between, with highway frontage, we may get students from Detroit Lakes and Hawley, with the easier access to the school, not to mention a new school building.

Audubon and Lake Park would grow together, the land around the school and in between the two towns would be worth more for commercial business and housing, giving other landowners a chance to capitalize on their property -- not just the same one.

I have been to a lot of games and extra curricular activities over the past eight years, and many times I have been asked if I was from Lake Park, never Lake Park-Audubon.

For me the increase in taxes is not the issue, it's more about being fair to the Audubon people. There seems like there is only one option any more, and that is to build in Lake Park.

A new school would look very nice sitting on the south side of Highway 10, halfway in between Audubon and Lake Park. -- John Seley, Lake Park