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Leichter letter: Congrats to elected DL school board members

I want to take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to my school board opponents, Dr. Thomas Seaworth, Cyndi Anderson, and Barbara Boyle, who were victorious in the recent Detroit Lakes School Board election.

I have every confidence that the board will move forward with continued integrity, dedication, and passion for the students of our district.

I also wish to sincerely thank those neighbors and fellow citizens who supported me in this campaign and to all voters who came out and let their voices be heard. It has been a valuable and interesting learning experience.

I would call upon all constituents in the school district to rigorously endorse and support our new and returning school board members, administrators, staff, teachers, and students to create a rich, supportive and progressive environment in which we ensure the success of our children and our community. -- Jeffrey Leichter, Detroit Lakes