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Letter: Help decrease need for shelters; adopt a pet

Election 2008 is over! We can live again, and numbers are mounting to unbelievable levels at our local Marshmallow Foundation/ Lucky Dog Animal Shelter in Detroit Lakes. We cover Audubon, Callaway, Detroit Lakes, Frazee and Lake Park. People who have puppies and kittens, elderly and rescued animals are begging us to take just one more, but with over 130 adoptable dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, we are saturated, and have had to put a current moratorium on surrenders. There is no more room at the inn. The solution? Increase adoptions!

I, as a volunteer, am asking for your help.

Detroit Lakes Pamida and West Fargo Pet Smart generously offer to sponsor us with adoption days as often as we wish and when we are able to participate, usually, at the least, one adoption is made -- with more follow up adoptions as people come to the shelter later that week or month. The problem? We are too few. There are not enough volunteers to help and try as we might, we just don't have the strength, intelligence, humor, health or wisdom to do it all. Please, consider spending some time with us on a Saturday or Thursday to help with adoptions. We need you, and so do these animals. If you feel like adoptions are too much then we need help in other areas too.

All of our cats/dogs and kittens/puppies spend long, lonely days in their kennels. Come and cuddle, brush and bathe, walk and play. We have dog training classes that you are welcome to participate in (free) during the evenings with our shelter dogs. They will learn, and so will you! This helps them to become adoptable, which becomes part of the solution. -- Nancy Stokes, Ottertail