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Letter: Thanks for supporting the United Way

At this special time of the year, when families are reunited, gifts are exchanged and a new year of hope is longed for, I pause to reflect on your generosity and kindness to the United Way and our community.

Today's challenging economic conditions make it difficult for many to open their wallets to charity.  People are afraid of losing their jobs.  Yet, it is during these tough economic times when generosity is needed most to fund community programs.

One person can make a huge difference.  You make that difference in a multitude of ways -- by organizing food drives, spending your weekends helping an isolated senior or making sure children have presents under the Christmas tree when they aren't expecting a Christmas of any kind.

Thank you always seems so inadequate, but let me say it with the backing of all the people whose lives you have touched.  Becker County is truly blessed with people who give of their time, their talents and share their blessings on a regular basis. To everyone who helped put smile a child's face, bring a tear to struggling parent's eyes, or warmed the heart of a lonely senior citizen, United Way, on behalf of the community, wants you to know that you are appreciated! If I said thank you a million times, it would still not be enough.

Many blessings to you this happy holiday season. -- LuAnn Porter, Executive Director, United Way of Becker County