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Letter: U.S. Rep. Bachmann is an embarrassment to the state

I am responding to a letter to the editor that appeared in the Detroit Lakes Tribune at the end of November.

It was written by former resident Dick Flomquist, who was critical of the newspaper for running an unflattering editorial page cartoon of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

He then went on to defend Ms. Bachmann and extol her virtues. He implied that those who live outside her district would likely not know enough about her to criticize her.

This is despite the fact that she has made the national news several times. Her comments prior to the election regarding presidential candidate Barack Obama were outrageous, as she questioned his patriotism and loyalty, and also the loyalty and patriotism of the Congress.

These comments were made on national cable television and then she later denied making the comments. She is at best an embarrassment to the district she serves and hardly someone "to be proud of."

Admittedly, she was re-elected to Congress, but what does that say about the electorate that sent her back to Washington? -- Robert Anderson, Minneapolis (formerly of Detroit Lakes)