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Editorial: Cheers to stockings for troops, jeers to recount

Cheers to the staff at David-Donehower funeral home -- and all the area residents who pitched in -- for their efforts in sending Christmas stockings to the troops in Iraq.

The gifts were appreciated, as shown by a letter to the funeral home from a spokesman from the Minnesota National Guard, who wrote:

"On behalf of the soldiers that served in our group I want to thank you for sacrificing your time, efforts and the expense involved to send these care packages to us in Iraq.

"We have bee humbled by your generosity to us, and are very grateful for all the cards, snacks, candy and toiletries that you sent us. At this time of the year ... we are reminded even more of the sacrifices not only of our brothers/sisters-in-arms overseas with us, but also of the care we get from across all these miles from back home in the wonderful United States of America.

"Thanks to all of you who help make this interesting experience called a 'deployment' a little more bearable ... We're hoping to be home next summer, certainly before next Christmas."

Signed, "Have a Hooah day!" -- SFC Tom Kotval.


Jeers to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office -- and the Minnesota Supreme Court -- for their handling of the Senate recount between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.

The Supreme Court should not have given veto authority to the two campaigns on the issue of whether wrongly rejected absentee ballots should be counted. That decision should have been left to county election boards.

And the Secretary of State's Office should be taking the lead on interpreting Supreme Court decisions on this matter and issuing a uniform process for counties to follow.

Instead, apparently out of the desire to appear as neutral as possible, the Secretary of State's Office has simply passed on the Supreme Court's decisions to the counties for them to interpret as best they can.

With 87 counties in Minnesota, each with its own county attorney, that's no way to get the kind of consistency in election law that the process deserves.


Cheers to all the snow that has fallen in December. Kids love it, it's a boon to local skiers and snowmobilers, and it's great for the winter tourism industry in the area.

It may be a chore to move all the white stuff, but in these troubled times, anything that helps the economy is worth a big cheer.