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Letter: Freedom of Choice Act is wrong

January comes again and another anniversary for Roe v. Wade. The power elite of our secular culture continue to proudly declare a celebration of a culture of death in our land. Our recent election has raised up a seeming mandate for a high celebration of legalized abortion on demand. The talk now is about the abortion rights agenda preparing to summarily wipe away all impediments to the death of the unborn by abortion.

The proposed "Freedom of Choice Act" is intended to do this "grand sweep" by forever eliminating all opposition to the abortion rights agenda. Pro-abortion believers are overjoyed in their supposedly fail-safe anticipation of soon delivering a "knock-out punch" to all the opposition that has arisen over the years since the Roe v. Wade decision in January 1973.

I've said it before in previous commentaries, "If something is wrong, it is wrong!" The "call of eternity" is that we respect all human life from conception until natural death. This call that we are hearing now after the Obama election is exactly the same call as we were hearing before this election.

Thirty-six years of legalized abortion has been radically, radically unsuccessful in silencing this "call of eternity." I repeat: "If something is wrong, it is wrong!" There will be still another story in January 2009 of the many Respect for Life rallies all around the nation to speak the truth again, "If something is wrong, it is wrong!"

We may ask, for example, why are there over three times as many pregnancy care centers in our land as there are abortion clinics? We may further ask why the results of all "grassroots-type" public opinion polls for many years have consistently shown a citizen majority preference to not allow wholly unrestricted abortion rights. Does our new president intend to continue a democratic form of government in our land, or has he totally signed on with the abortion rights agenda in its apparent strategy to install a totalitarian system of political control in America?

Well, if we get totalitarianism or not, the call of eternity will not be silenced or outlawed or displaced or superceded or defeated by any over-proud human agenda to legally claim the supreme right of autonomous personal choice. And we are given to understand that the logic of this claim is that we should just never mind whatever the particular choice being made or the consequences thereof, just never mind all that!

The mantra of the whole liberal ideology is: "You are free to choose; just go ahead and do whatever you please! Anything goes!" The invincible "call of eternity" comes to all human life from the living/sovereign God of all creation. This God has made no provision for ever being defeated by any human agenda in rebellion against the moral integrity of his created order. "If something is wrong, it is wrong!"

An Obama Presidency in high celebration of abortion rights not withstanding, "If something is wrong, it is wrong!" To the extent that the abortion rights agenda continues to lawfully prevail in our land, to this same extent does the sovereign God quietly pull back further and further his hand of protection and his hand of guiding wisdom for our nation.

Even in all the limitations of our mortal lives, we can understand the simple strategy of something being more easily defeated when all protection has been withdrawn. A nation's preference for moral rebellion -- even if it be a preference by "unstudied default" -- becomes a form of moral poison that will eventually deal a death blow to that nation. All this can happen because the sovereign God has ordered a very precise freedom to be allowed in all human decision-making. Both individual persons and whole nations are entirely free to choose whatever they please, whenever and however. But nobody and no nation is ever free to claim an exemption from having to face the consequences of whatever the choices that have been freely made. Poison is poison, and its purpose is to destroy life. "If something is wrong, it is wrong!" Let us not be deceived. -- Donald Tobkin, Detroit Lakes