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RJ Dupre Column: A few words to you, my son

Remember, my son, when you were a little boy how you used to like to play with your Star Wars toys, and created great battles in imaginary galaxies? Then came the period of GI Joe. You felt invincible and became a "tactical genius." Then came the video games and virtual reality of fields of combat, where you shot the bad guys and fought for some imaginary justice. Ah! Those were the days spent in fantasy-land. It kept you occupied for hours.

Then you grew up and became a man.

Although I did not have the chance to be a part of your life for many years, I cherished your innocence and good nature and always believed that those games you played would stay what they were; just games. Then over a year ago, I heard you joined the Army. I was scared and bewildered at your choice, but accepted the fact that it is your life and you have the right to your own destiny. You sounded confident and proud. You also got married and my little boy was no more.

What I dreaded happened last week, when you got sent to the other side of the world, to Iraq, to fight a war that has already taken so many lives. You and I have not been in touch as often as I would have liked, and in my fear and pain I wonder if I will ever see you again? Call me dramatic or unfaithful to the Spirit of the Universe but my mind cannot wrap itself around such a concept.

I love you, my son, no matter how many milestones I never shared with you. I want you to know, that time heals, and maybe one day you will call and tell me you are back safe, and I will be able to breathe a little lighter and we will be able to build a new relationship you as a Man with me as your Mom.

Take good care my child and know that the love of a mother never dies.