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Cheers to Obama, jeers to Frazee School Board

Cheers to President Obama for acting quickly to take back the moral high ground regarding torture and abusive practices in the war on terror.

Obama took a series of steps Thursday to dismantle the most widely condemned components of the Bush administration's policies.

According to Reuter's, Obama issued executive orders to shutter the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, detention camp within a year, close the CIA's network of secret overseas prisons and end the agency's use of interrogation techniques that critics describe as torture.

It's about time we started acting like a civilized nation again.


Jeers to those on the Frazee-Vergas School Board who are unwilling to allow discussion among board members about key issues coming before the board.

School board members -- indeed, all elected officials -- have a responsibility to talk through issues completely, and a right to have absolutely all their questions answered and concerns addressed, before being asked to cast a vote.

The committee structure is set up to share the work load among board members, but it's only designed to go so far.

Committee recommendations are not written in stone. Everyone on any elected board needs to be comfortable that they know all the facts on a major issue before voting, regardless of what a committee recommends.

That recommendation then becomes one thing among many to take into account.

It's not fair to any elected official, or acceptable to the taxpaying public, for decisions to be made any other way.


Jeers to the Big Three U.S. automakers for not sharing their federal bailout money with their dealers.

Auto dealers are hurting in this time of financial uncertainty, but they aren't getting any help on financing issues from the Big Three.

Instead, they are having to turn to local banks and financial institutions to help their customers get the financing they need to drive off the lot in a new car.

According to National Public Radio, one town with a number of dealerships even provided a $200,000 bailout using local taxpayer dollars to keep the financial wheels spinning.

The federal government has made $17.4 billion available to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler -- they should use some of that bailout money to help their dealerships that need it.