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Letter: DirectTV broke agreements with subscribers

As DirectTV subscribers, we feel that contracts and agreements with us, the consumer, have been broken. In the past year, channel 4 (CBS, KSJB) and channel 11 (NBC, KVLY) have been merged into one corporation that owns both, domiciled in Texas. At that time, we figured it was only a matter of time until we would begin losing programs. It started with combining the news, weather and sports into one identical broadcast on both channels. This resulted in less choice and a much poorer head weatherman. At that time, we complained to the channels and to senators Dorgan and Klobuchar. It is our understanding that the primary networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, etc) are given their airways by special government access at no charge. So we now pay for them and still not necessarily receive them!

A week ago (Jan. 9), Channel 4 and DirectTV stopped providing us CBS because of contract disputes between them. There is no offer of providing CBS programs in another way or offering refunds, just "so sorry." We pay over $100 per month to DirectTV to provide special networks and to provide for all local networks. As we normally watch CBS a great deal for many programs ranging from 60 Minutes, CSI, NCIS, to name a few; we no longer have access to them and thus the contract is broken.

Over a week has now passed and still no progress. Do we need to do a "class action" suit? Get all of the DirectTV subscribers together? Contact the FCC? We know that Channel 4 would just like us to move to another provider and DirectTV hopes we will just get along or as they suggested on the phone go to a neighbors or get rabbit ears! We live in the country and these options do not work nor should they be the solution. Help! -- Alice Larson, Detroit Lakes