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Letter: Where's the oath for LP-A school board?

Having been in attendance at the Jan. 8, 2009 LP-A re-organizational meeting, I could not understand the absence of the oath of office and swearing in of the newly elected candidates to the board. In the past this was always a part of the election process at LP-A so the public and board could welcome the new board members. I'm wondering if the new members have the right to proceed with board business having not been properly sworn in?  The puzzling thing is, none of the other board members spoke up and asked why this function was not performed. The board did conduct the seating of all committee assignments and board assignments. The board meeting took a whole 28 minutes. Just this last week, we can see the President took the oath of office twice to make sure everything was on the up and up.  At the Jan. 26 board meeting, the oath and swearing in were still not administered. I have seen so much of this behavior in my over 10 years of attendance at board meetings that I felt it necessary to run for the board. To those 1,075 of you who voted for me, I am sincerely grateful for your vote.

The school board is holding a special meeting on Saturday Jan. 31 at the Lake Park media room starting at 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 to discuss the following: financial projections, the November levy, building bond, community survey, and a possible paid consultant to advise the board on how to pass both the operating levy and building bond, and a possible four day school week. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting. -- George W. Kohn, Audubon