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Cheers to food drive; give to HeatShare

Cheers to the Trinity Lutheran Food drive.

Last Sunday, Trinity Lutheran Church Pastor Dan Babine Babine issued a challenge to his flock -- come up with either 360 cubic feet of food donations, the equivalent amount in monetary donations, or a combination of both.

"The goal is to at least fill the trailer one time, and hopefully more," Babine said.

The "Feed the Hungry" drive is being organized by congregation members Kathy Reidberger and Pat Benson.

It's encouraging to see people remembering the food pantry during this season of giving, and we hope those who can afford to also give to the HeatShare program through the Salvation Army.

HeatShare provides emergency assistance with heating and utility bills on a year-round basis. Funds are used for natural gas, oil, propane, wood, electricity and emergency furnace repairs.

The money helps provide heat to the elderly, disabled and others who have nowhere else to turn. HeatShare is a last resort for many who have no other resources available to see them through the winter.

No one should have to be cold or hungry during the holidays.


Jeers to those who opposed the Turtle Lake outlet, which -- in spite of dire warnings at the time -- hasn't brought any of the problems downstream residents predicted, and has been a godsend to property owners on Turtle Lake.

The Buffalo Red River Watershed District built a siphon several years ago to move water out of the flooding Turtle Lake, since it has no natural outlet.

The watershed district intends to run both the Turtle and Long Lake siphons this winter to get the lakes down before the spring melt.  Landowners on Turtle Lake continue to express concerns about the project's operation in 2009 because of the extremely wet summer.

(The Turtle Lake siphon will be stopped to allow the open water hole on Long Lake to freeze so that thin ice signs can be placed.  Once the signs and fencing are erected, the Turtle Lake siphon will be restarted.)

The watershed district is also working on three outlets for lakes experiencing high water problems.  They include Boyer-LaBelle Lake near Lake Park, Tansem-Ranum Lakes along Highway 34 east of Barnesville, and the Clay-Wilkin County Line east of Barnesville.  All three projects will be submitted to the Legislature for funding through the 2010 bonding bill.


Cheers to the Detroit Lakes City Council and Mayor Matt Brenk for acting to ensure that the Lincoln Rink warming house is staffed and available during the long winter months.

It took courage to reverse course and do the right thing for kids, especially since city officials know the state may well opt to cut local government aid next year even more deeply than it already has.