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Letter: 'Tale of two choices' for residents of LP-A district

This is a Tale of Two Choices -- which scenario will you choose?

A "yes" vote on the Lake Park-Audubon building bond referendum will allow us to:

10.5 -- Accept a one time offer of $10.5 million in stimulus money.

10. -- Welcome families and businesses that are waiting to see if this passes.

9 -- Increase our enrollment by attracting new students.

8. -- Help our communities grow and thrive.

7. -- Inspire community spirit.

6. -- Shout "I am a Raider!" with pride.

5. -- Invest our taxes at home where we have a voice.

4. -- Exercise local control to increase our unique opportunities at LP-A.

3. -- Provide a safe learning environment for our students in our communities.

2. -- Increase property values/sales (You should hope this passes if you have property for sale).

1. -- Keep our schools in both communities, always!

A "no" vote will force us to:

10.5 -- Decline $10.5 million in stimulus money so it will go to another school district.

10. -- Chase away families and businesses.

9. -- Scatter our children across neighboring districts.

8. -- Watch our communities' wither and die.

7. -- Embarrass ourselves in shame.

6. -- Whisper "I was a Raider" and cry.

5. -- Pay higher tax bills to Ulen-Hitterdal, Hawley, Pelican or Detroit Lakes.

4. -- Lose local control and our tradition of academic excellence.

3. -- Prove we don't care about a safe learning environment for our students at LP-A.

2. -- Decrease property values/sales (who would want to live here?)

1. -- Close our schools in both communities forever!

The choice is clear. Please vote yes on May 25! -- Laureen Svobodny, rural Audubon