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State ACT test scores bode well for future

The news of the state's ACT college entrance exams high ranking was good news all around for Minnesota and local students.

A record 72 percent of Minnesota students took the test and scored an average of 22.9 on the tests out of a possible 36 -- above the national average.

What this says on the surface is the educational system in our state is on the right track -- with high expectations that students continue to meet year after year.

While residents sometimes complain that students lack a quality education, the test scores tell educators they are doing enough right to give our kids the education they need to excel in our world.

Of course, those scores shouldn't indicate we can rest on our laurels -- everyone should continue to seek ways to enhance the quality of education in Minnesota.

What the test scores say on a deeper level is that Minnesota students also take their futures seriously, recognizing they need to be positioned to compete in a global, fluid world.

In the long run, that commitment will benefit all of us. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal