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Letter: Thanks to fire reporters, DL, Frazee firefighters

The Grandparent's Day program at Holy Rosary Church had recently finished when my husband called "I'm on my way home" he said, "somebody had called in a fire at our place. I'm turning off Hwy. 10. I see smoke. I'll call you back." As my two grandson's sat munching cupcakes I texted my son and daughter, then waited for Greg to call back hoping to hear "no big deal." A few minutes later my son-in-law arrived. "Can you take the boys home?" he asked. "I'm heading to your place." Suddenly the fire became very real. Keeping the boys with me, I drove the short distance home. I turned off Hwy. 10 heading south on 290th Ave., lights flashed in the distance. Eli, a kindergartener said something about wanting to be a fireman. Our place is surrounded by trees, so other than a number of cars and emergency vehicles I couldn't see much. How bad was it? I parked at the end of the driveway. My daughter had also just arrived. We walked by three fire trucks. I was used to seeing them in parades, not at my home. There were lots of guys in fire gear rolling up hoses and even before I saw the garage completely burned to the ground, I felt very, very grateful to them.

While I was at Holy Rosary listening to Peyton and Eli sing about Grandpa and Grandma, some DNR employees were doing an aerial survey. They saw smoke rising from our garage and called it in. Detroit Lakes and Frazee fire trucks had arrived, put out the fire and were wrapping it up by the time I got home. We lost some garden harvest, the usual miscellaneous stuff, and of course the garage, but how close was it to our house? Close enough to melt the plastic handgrips on a tricycle sitting two yards from our front door.

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the aerial surveyors who called in the fire, to Aunna Leitheiser, who driving by called in the fire, and especially to the Detroit Lakes and Frazee Fire Departments. Would I be sitting in my house writing this without your quick response? P.S. Eli grow up and be a fireman with my blessing. -- Nancy Bentley, Frazee