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All the juices are flowing

The hormones are humming and nature is exploding with energy. All around town blooming trees are in full blossom: apples, crabs, plums, pears (we have a pear tree in our yard that does not produce pears but the flowers are beautiful) and other varieties that you can identify but I can't. And the lilacs are bursting with color. The breezes broadcast their powerful fragrance. Flower beds from one end of town to the other are shouting to you as you walk by "just look at me, can you believe this color and vigor?"

The birds, the bees and all creatures are aroused. For most of them this is the mating season, a time to create anew.

School is out and kids are on the move. Everybody is on the move. Last evening while working in my yard, I saw all varieties and combinations of people and pets in motion: father and mother are walking, two of their kids are on scooters and one is on roller blades; one young lady is jogging behind her dog who was in a collar connected to its master by an eight foot leash attached to a belt around her waist. They were in perfect rhythm going stride for stride. Two teenage girls were cruising on roller blades; bike riders were zipping by; joggers and runners (the joggers are just loping along at a relaxed pace -- the runners are serious, moving at a speed that suggests they are training for competition. They may not expect to win a race, but they intend to make a respectable showing); young lovers are holding hands; older couples are out for a walk; old timers are walking alone; a 12 year old girl is coming home from a soccer game with a soccer ball under her arm; frisbee throwers are in the park playing frisbee golf (yes you can play 9 holes of frisbee golf); mothers are pushing baby strollers; dads are pushing strollers too -- even the babies are getting fresh air; bikers are pulling baby strollers; joggers are pushing them -- singles and doubles. All sizes, shapes and ages of kids and adults are moving up and down the sidewalk.

A couple blocks away there is a little tot baseball game. The adults running the program will tell you they don't keep score, but the kids do, and they know exactly what it is. Most of us are competitive from our earliest years. Tonight there's a baseball game in the town park.

Next to the tot's baseball field, young athletes are playing tennis. Not far from that at a softball game is going great guns.

What is going on anyway? Nature is renewing itself and singing in perfect harmony, the same song she's been singing every spring since the days of creation. All the juices are flowing. This is the annual resurgence of life -- new life, old life. You can see it, you can hear it, you can smell it, you can feel the vibrations. For those of us who've been around the block a few times, it's great to be coming around one more time and feeling the force, the energy and the juice of nature.