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The tradition of being thankful

The observance of Thanksgiving this week affords us an opportunity to put our lives in perspective.

Thanksgiving, it is generally acknowledged, was first celebrated in 1621, when an event took place at the site of Plymouth Plantation. It has also been put forth that Thanksgiving has been around even longer than that -- USA Today reported two years ago that an elementary school teacher argues that a "Thanksgiving" celebration was hosted by the Spanish in 1565 in what is now St. Petersburg, Fla. Additionally, the History Channel's Web site notes that several Native American groups organized Thanksgiving-like harvest festivals and other similar events before the arrival of Europeans in North America.

Regardless of how long Thanksgiving has been around in this country (it's also celebrated in Canada, on the second Monday of October), it is a day for family and friends to gather for food, fellowship, a little football ... and, often times, a bit of reflection.

This year will be no different. While the last several months have no doubt been difficult for many -- considering the troubled economy -- we all should be able to think of at least one thing or person to be thankful for.

We wish all a happy holiday. -- Worthington Daily Globe