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What we can do to help Haiti

In previous editorials, we have advocated the donation of money to Nobles County United Way, Honor Flight Southwest Minnesota and other area entities.

We continue to encourage financial support of these types of charitable organizations in our backyard. However, it should go without saying there are other places in the world -- Haiti being a prime example -- facing a far more immediate and desperate need.

Reports from The Associated Press Wednesday afternoon stated that "officials feared thousands -- perhaps more than 100,000 -- may have perished" as a result of a 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday afternoon that virtually leveled Port-Au-Prince, that nation's capital. The International Red Cross said a third of the country's 9 million people may need emergency aid, the AP added.

Some Minnesota-based aid groups with existing presences in Haiti are already primed to assist in what will be a mammoth humanitarian effort. Feed My Starving Children, based in Coon Rapids, will be packing even more meals than usual in the coming weeks in response; of White Bear Lake is asking for additional donations for water trucks that will provide emergency water to victims. Another group, St. Paul-based World Wide Village, is hoping to coordinate a response among Twin Cities organizations already in Haiti.

A simple search online already results in several other means of helping out. We should all consider some type of gift -- after all, think of how grateful we would be if we were remembered at our time of desperation. -- Worthington Daily Globe