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June is Dairy Month -- Don't forget to thank a dairy farmer

They play a vital role in Minnesota's economy and nutrition and it's their time to take a deserved place in the spotlight.

They're dairy farmers and June is Dairy Month.

The dairy farming industry provides us with milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, and a wide variety of other ingredients for our health.

Dairy farmers' contributions don't begin and end with the nutritious foods they produce. They also play an integral role in the economy.

Doug Peterson, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, noted that the dairy industry in Minnesota has a total annual output of $4.6 billion and creates nearly 40,000 jobs.

"Dairy farmers provide our state with great resources and contributes to our economy, and yet they only make a quarter of the cost that you pay at the store for a gallon of milk," Peterson said.

This month, we should all take a little time to think about where that cold glass of milk or that ice cream treat came from - and thank dairy farmers for making it happen.

-- Alexandria Echo Press