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Common ground on budget must be found

It would be easy for the leaders of the new Republican majority in the Minnesota Legislature to stick to their ideological principles.

It would similarly be easy for new Gov. Mark Dayton to stick to his, especially after his predecessor's record.

Considering the seriousness of the budget deficit, we're asking both sides to give a little and create a budget that will best fit the needs of all state residents.

Minnesota has a projected $6 billion budget deficit. Considering that most of the accounting shifts have been used, Dayton and the Legislature have really two options to erase it: raise taxes or cut spending. It will require a combination of both to get it done. No one wants their taxes increased, and no one wants government services cut.

But there simply is no choice.

It will be truly disappointing if Dayton and the Legislature spend the next few months to draw a line in the sand and fail to come up with a bill that both parties can live with, resulting in gridlock, and possibly government shutdown.

Minnesotans need and expect better.

-- Fergus Falls Daily Journal