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Faces of Minnesota, U.S. are changing

While Minnesota remains one of the nation's most homogenous states, our population change is being driven by a change in minorities, especially Hispanics, according to recent Census number.

The same is even truer overall in America where Hispanics now total more than 50 million or 1 in 6 Americans. Asians are also a fast growing population segment.

As the first decade of the 21st century ended, Minnesota and America became more racially diverse.

Today, Hispanics make up 16 percent of America's population. Hispanics have fueled America's population growth over the past decade as the sector grew 43 percent, compared to the non-Hispanic population growth of 5 percent.

These changing demographics will affect America's future just as it did during the early 20th century when a wave of Eastern Europeans came and changed the American mix.

In Minnesota, the Hispanic population now totals 4.7 percent of the state's population. Hispanics are dispersed around the state, often in meatpacking towns, which provide job opportunities.

Overall, Minnesota's minority population will continue to evolve over the coming decade. This will be reflected in the ever-changing faces of Minnesota. -- West Central Tribune of Willmar