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Property tax relief welcome to home, business owners

It's admirable that a group of House Republicans are planning to push for property tax relief in the next Legislative session.

Frankly, it seems laughable that Republicans decided to shut down the government rather than increase income taxes, yet agreed to eliminate a program that increased property taxes in many Minnesota communities, including many in greater Minnesota such as Fergus Falls.

To a home or business owner, a tax increase -- property, income, sales or fees -- is a tax increase. Especially in communities such as Fergus Falls, where many property owners live on fixed incomes, property tax increases are even harder to swallow.

Republican legislators certainly can put the blame on city and county government boards for choosing to deal with the Legislature's reductions in state aid by increasing taxes.

However, our perception is that the Legislature's cuts in aid to cities and counties, and the property tax increases that followed, was the Legislature passing the buck rather than cities and counties engaging in wasteful spending.

Legislative leaders have a chance to redeem themselves in January. Property tax relief of any form would be welcome -- even if it meant an increase in the state income tax. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal