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Opportunities for charitable contributions still aplenty

While Christmas may be over, the best time of year to give might be right now.

Organizations like the Salvation Army, Food Shelf, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Someplace Safe and the United Way can still benefit greatly from donations of all kinds.

Perhaps you received a gift you don't think you will use. Instead of returning it or selling it online, you may want to consider donating it to the Salvation Army instead.

Someone decided to take giving to a whole new level recently and dropped one hundred $100 bills into one of the Salvation Army red kettles in Fergus Falls. While a $10,000 donation would be impossible for many, monetary donations can always be used by various organizations.

The Food Shelf in town has seen an increase in demand recently and may begin to run low on funding in the coming months. Just as much help is needed now as it was two weeks ago in the buildup to Christmas.

Keep in mind donations are tax deductible, but checks must be dated Dec. 31 or earlier in order to be credited for this year.

While Christmas has come and gone, there is no reason the season of giving has to be cut off so abruptly. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal