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Pony Express - Energy by association to refill your tanks

Feeling run down, out of pep, low on energy? Did 2012 reduce the fuel in your tank to fumes? Hey, there's a whole new year ahead and it's going to require a whole new supply of octane. Where you gonna go to get it?

Take yourself to a place where people are on the move and getting things done. It might be a school, humming with energy and activity. It might be a business where everybody is motivated. It might be a farm, organized and productive. It may be an organization with ambitious, goals and motion. Or it may even be a community where people volunteer, step forward, push, lift and achieve results. When you go to one of these places, you are in a field of energy. Every one of these people is a mini-sun -- emitting rays of energy. And just like the sun that shines in our sky and beams solar energy to the oceans, the forests, the soils and the plants and animals of our earth, the energy from these activists can energize the rest of us.

Let's say we find ourselves in an organization where at least a few people are demonstrating the energy we're looking for. Place yourself directly between two or three of them, (I'm going to try this myself to see if it works) then pay attention, listen and absorb some of that energy -- the mini-rays of sunshine that power the engine of that organization. I believe it will be impossible to be in that dynamic field of energy without absorbing some of the good stuff myself.

Where do they get it? Where do these powerhouses get the energy we're trying to borrow, steal or absorb for ourselves? I've been watching some of them carefully and I see many different sources.

Many folks are motivated simply by the need to make a living and feed their families. We can call it necessity, duty or even work ethic, but, turned on, it's a highly productive source of energy, maybe the most basic and reliable source of all.

Youth is maybe the most natural of all sources of energy. It's not automatic, as we have observed, but generally it's a gift not to be wasted, because it only lasts so long. And when it's gone, there needs to be some other motivator to take its place.

Faith is a powerful source of energy. Faith cares for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the homeless, the prisoners and the friendless when nobody else seems to. In short, faith moves mountains. Russia, for example, with a long tradition short on faith, has orphanages filled with thousands of children the Russians don't want -- and the government, out of spite, will not allow them to be adopted by Americans. In Russia the mountains are unmoved.

Some families have established, by custom and tradition, great legacies of doing positive things. If you're not in a family like that, maybe you can start one.

Ambition can be a force for good or evil. Ambition keeps moving upward, doing bigger and better things as it climbs. Ambition is definitely a motivator.

Each of us has a grain of just plain goodness within us that can have great vigor. Some find their goodness from the desire to "give back" for the advantages or successes they've had. Some, who have experienced being rescued or bailed out, have generated goodness out of the desire to "pay it forward." Others, while never identifying or even realizing their goodness, are good simply out of general gratitude.

Finally, there is the motivation of love. Love is the greatest, or maybe the combination, of all of the above. Loving one another is what peace on earth is all about -- brotherhood, not bombs.

So, for the those of us down to our fumes, if we can place ourselves between the folks motivated by duty or work ethic, the young, those with faith, the ambitious, those with positive family traditions, the just plain good or those who practice love and brotherhood, we can absorb some of the rays of their energy by association and refill our tanks for 2013.