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Use caution and good manners when riding snowmobiles

With the expectation of additional snowfall before spring arrives, snowmobilers are already in snow heaven. We urge caution as this exhilarating, but dangerous pastime ramps up this winter.

If you watch the news, a death of a snowmobiler somewhere in Minnesota has occurred almost every weekend since owners pulled out their sleds.

Riders should also use extra caution when riding on lakes and rivers -- ice can be unpredictable, making it dangerous.

But perhaps the biggest problem comes from inconsiderate riders who, with no "roads" to traverse, ride on private property, irritating homeowners.

There are established routes, marked with signs that are maintained by snowmobile trail associations, so please use them.

A little consideration and a lot of safe practices will make the sport much more enjoyable for everyone. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal