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Our Opinion: Kudos for working together

Cheers to Becker County and Detroit Lakes for being willing to work with other government entities to save money and create efficiencies for workers.

Example A is the new public works facility that will serve both Becker County and the City of Detroit Lakes.

Both have aging buildings and limited space at their street and highway departments — located just a few blocks apart on the north side of Detroit Lakes. Instead of spending taxpayer dollars on two new sites, both the city and the county agreed this week to move forward with planning on a joint public works facility.

The city and county will split the cost of a consultant’s work on the project, and will divide the duties involved. For example, the county will put out a request for proposals from architectural firms, and the county and city will review the responses together and jointly select the winner. The plan is to build one site to house the city public works department and the county highway department.

Becker County also opted to move forward with a cooperative public health system.

The Becker County Board of Health will merge with boards of health operated by Clay, Otter Tail and Wilkin counties.

Becker County commissioners liked that each county will keep control of its public health department, and its budget. But will also enjoy cost savings thorough efficiencies in licensing, paperwork and handling state and federal contracts.

The merging of the four counties into the PartnerSHIP4 community health board will take effect Jan. 1.

Becker County also deserves a cheer for updating its systems to allow payment by credit card for services such as license tab renewal or disposing of junk at the transfer station.

The county started accepting plastic at the transfer station about a month ago, and expanded it to the DMV. Other county services will follow suit, according to Auditor-Treasurer Ryan Tangen.

Jeers to Washington Redskins professional football team owner Dan Snyder for refusing to ever consider changing his team’s obnoxious and offensive name.

The Redskins are the poster child for hateful sports nicknames: Unlike, say, the Fighting Sioux of UND, which is not any better or worse than the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, “Redskins” is nothing less than a nasty racial slur, and any argument to the contrary is laughable.

If people hadn’t grown up with it, nobody would accept the Redskins as a new team name, except maybe hard-core bigots.

We think the Minneapolis-based American Indian Movement is on to something — it has asked the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to refrain from printing or broadcasting the Redskins’ name or logo within the Metrodome during the team’s Nov. 7 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

AIM points out that it’s a public facility, and argues that the hateful name violates federal labor laws, hate-speech protections and the civil rights of American Indians.

Washington needs a new name for its football team and need look no further than Congress for inspiration. How about the Fighting Filibusters? Or Debt-Ceiling Devils? Anything is better than Redskins.