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Holly McCamant: The unexpected and how life turns out

I have this theory with life. Intuition guides us throughout many of the moments we have, but the unexpected makes up a great portion of our life events. I know that that is how it has worked out for me.

Intuition is real. The feeling that something will happen no matter what has consumed me for a long time. As a little kid, I knew many things would happen.

Let’s start with this column. I would see the Wave columns and I just knew that I would do that someday. I loved reading the columnists’ articles and waited until the day I could do that.

Now when I think about it, my knowing that I would someday write in here makes absolutely no sense. Openings are rare, and I probably wouldn’t find one for a while.

However, Berit went to Chile for a year and started writing every other week. Two days after the deadline I found the ad saying there was an opening. I was incredibly lucky and still don’t know how this little freshman girl got her dream job three months into being old enough to do it.

Ever since I went to Camp Cherith, I knew I would be a CILT. If you missed my last article, CILT stands for Camper In Leadership Training and is basically intense preparation so someday I can hopefully become a counselor.

So many people said they would but not as many as I thought actually signed up in my age group.  I am about to go off today as I write and go do that.

I didn’t eat that healthy as a kid but for some reason I knew that would change. This winter that happened. I had no evidence that that would happen as a kid, but for some reason it did. I changed up my diet as I always thought I would.

For me intuition is a part of daily life. I sometimes can just sense when things are going to happen. There are times when I have known what people have said right before they open their mouth. I freak myself out all the time.

However, intuition does not determine everything. I had completely different interests as an elementary school kid and I don’t know how I ended up where I am.

If you know me or have read some of my columns, you know I love running. However, in elementary school, I thought that running was horrible. Track sounded the worst of all. I mean, who would put themselves through a whole lot of pain and run and circles?

Now, I’m the person that does that. I fell in love with a very painful event (the 800; 2 laps around the track) and track has a tendency to consume my life. I want to run college track and will stop at nothing to do so.

My year revolves around those two and a half months. I stay up late to watch important races on Runnerspace and my dad texts me updates through my mom when I’m at camp (my mom made visits to camp as the RN).

As a little kid I was freaked out by other cultures. Globetrekker, the show, was shown in my house a lot as my dad watched it and I was a little scared. I did not want to go outside of my comfort zone. Traveling to weird places did not look fun.

This changed dramatically. I now wish we still got Globetrekker as I would watch it as much as I could. I want to spend a good portion of my life exploring other cultures and go into international relations. This fear has turned into a love that I want to spend my life doing.

I talked to my friend and she could not imagine this version of me that hated running and was freaked out by other cultures. I know I’ve changed a lot, and it’s kind of scary.

However, many people would agree that while my personality has changed a lot, there are a lot of parts of it that are the same. I’m still super determined and love learning. Intuition guided me through many parts of my life and I had an idea who I would become, but the unexpected changes made my life way better than I could have ever imagined.

Holly McCamant is a junior at Frazee-Vergas High School.