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Cheers to Twins; jeers to Ferrellgas management

Cheers to the Minnesota Twins for coming back from a big deficit to win their division.

The Twins coped with injuries to key players for large parts of the season, with the rest of the team stepping in to fill the void.

Unfortunately, the Twins weren't able to carry their late-season winning ways into the playoffs.

But there's no big disgrace in losing to this year's Yankees, a very talented team, both offensively and defensively.

The Yankees organization -- notorious for its deep pockets -- has a payroll more than three times that of the Twins -- $201 million versus $65 million.

You can buy a lot of talent for that, and the Yankees have.

The Twins scrapped and fought and had a great run this season. They said goodbye to baseball in the Metrodome and will say hello to outdoor ball in the Twins new stadium next spring.

We're looking forward to it


Jeers to the corporate leaders of Ferrellgas, who are accused by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office of putting into place policies that essentially rip off their customers.

Minnesota is suing the company for fraudulent and deceptive consumer practices involving excessive fees and overcharging customers for propane deliveries.

Apparently, the 50,000 Ferrellgas customers in Minnesota are not alone: Several other states have filed class action suits. In 2007, the Arkansas attorney general filed a similar lawsuit against it for charging fees that were not adequately disclosed.

Ferrellgas leadership didn't take the Minnesota lawsuit laying down - it filed a lawsuit of its own against the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, accusing Swanson's office of bullying it, and seeking a court order to resolve the matter.

One lessen to take from all this is to check your bills, be they for fuel, retail items or medical services.


Jeers to Mother Nature for throwing an early winter curveball.

Icy conditions over the weekend and on Monday put a half dozen or so cars in the ditch or caused fender-benders around the county.

Fortunately, there were no injuries, in part because everyone was wearing a seat belt, according to Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon.

Not wearing a seat belt has been expensive for a number of people in the area recently tagged with tickets during a local "Click It or Ticket" campaign.

The new state seat belt law requires all passengers, including those in a back seat, to wear seat belts. A seat belt citation is $110.

The local campaign will run through Oct. 22, focusing mainly on nighttime patrols.

One more reason to buckle up.